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Yesterday, Blackmagic hosted an all day event. We hope that you had a chance to catch the GyroSpeed at the show. -OwlDolly

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Go Team USA! Get a FREE Backpack with the purchase of a Travel Jib System. -OwlDolly  

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Test the GyroSpeed at Vidcon with a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. We will be roaming around the show demoing the setup and you can also find us at Aputure's booth.  -OwlDolly

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Vidcon 2014 starts today at the Anaheim Convention Center, and its SOLD OUT. Check out the AL-528C Portable LED Light, perfect for the micro budget YouTube video.   -OwlDolly  

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Last Wednesday founder of OwlDolly, Devlin road from North Hollywood to UCSD. A total of 150 miles was covered in 10 hours and 7000 calories burned! 150 pounds of CO2 saved. On average for every mile spent bike riding, removes 1 pound of CO2 emissions. At OwlDolly we encourage stepping out of the BOX creatively, and physically. Devlin with King Triton. Photo Credit Mermaid and Flowers. -OwlDolly

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