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In this video we are testing different methods of walking and holding the GyroSpeed. Dont forget Next Video Expo is next week, great deals on equipment can be found at our booth and online. Booth #116 and use code NVEOD1. Wednesday, October 1, 11am-6pm, Thursday, 2nd, 10am-5pm.    -OwlDolly

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These deals will only last till Oct 5th. Demo the products at the show from Oct 1-2.   Follow this link to access the Next Video Expo Deals, discounted prices can only be found on this page.   GyroSpeed $899, Sale $699. Carbon Fiber Tripod System $999, Sale $799. Cinematics Shoulder Rig $999, Sale $899. Electronic View Finder $240, Sale $220. Clearance.  Roamer Jib $10,000, Sale $7,000. Travel Jib System $599, Sale $499. Microphone Boom Pole TBA Wireless Microphone System TBA Super 35 BMPCC Cage TBA 5 and 7 inch Monitors TBA

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Did you see the GyroSpeed at the Rose Garden in Exposition Park? Dont worry, OwlDolly has a new video on the way. Check back with us tomorrow.    Dont forget to catch us at Next Video Expo in Pasadena. Oct 1-2. -OwlDolly

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