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Wolfpack Hustle HP Gran Prix and Dont forget Next Video Expo this Week!

If you missed the Wolfpack Hustle HP Gran Prix this weekend, no need to feel sad. OwlDolly covered the event with the GyroSpeed and Roamer Jib. Video Upload Date TBA.

Photo: Sam and Martin from SPF Films with the GyroSpeed for BMPCC. 


Trade Show info: Oct 1-2. booth #116, use code NVEOD1 to get discounts.

Next Video Expo Deals, these deals will only last till Oct 5th. Demo the products at the show. 

GyroSpeed $899, Sale $699.

Carbon Fiber Tripod System $999, Sale $799.

Cinematics Shoulder Rig $999, Sale $899.

Electronic View Finder $240, Sale $220. Clearance. 

Roamer Jib $10,000, Sale $7,000.

Travel Jib System $599, Sale $499.

Microphone Boom Pole TBA

Wireless Microphone System TBA

Super 35 BMPCC Cage TBA

5 and 7 inch Monitors TBA




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