Dalton Thomas's Blog, Reviews the GyroSpeed Review

Dalton Thomas's blog the Making of "Better Friends Than Mountains," recently reviewed the GyroSpeed. His experience comes from shooting a feature length field documentary with the GyroSpeed and a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera in the mountains between, Iraq, and Iran. Follow this link to watch the feature. " I thought on the front end I may prefer a Movi or some other 3-axis gimbal. But in the end, after testing a demo unit from Devlin at OwlDolly I decided to just take a GyroSpeed. I'm so glad we did. I didn't need a 3-axis gimbal to run around with. I needed something that was small, inconspicuous, lightweight, and something that could be used without a remote control or monitor if we needed to set up fast and shoot something. I wanted something that enabled us to get shots that looked like a slider or a dolly or a jib without using all those things. I didn't want to carry a slider, a jib, and other bits and pieces needed and all the time it takes to pull things off one thing and put them on another. The GyroSpeed was (and I think still is) on sale for $599. For me, it's the perfect run and gun stabilizer for the Blackmagic Pocket Camera. And it's the ideal stabilizer for the kind of films we're making." Dalton Thomas's Blog. Special thanks to FAImission



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