MS1 BMPCC Test Footage from Los Angeles River Ride

Later today check our YouTube, Instagram, FaceBook, and Vine for the MS1 BMPCC test footage. Enjoy, the beauty of the Los Angeles River Bike Path and the Los Angeles River Ride supported by LACBC. Get on your bike, and ride! Queen, Bicycle Race. A few lessons learned while on this shoot. A Road Bike with narrow skinny tires is twitchy, does not absorb bumps, cracks, etc, and rolls too fast. Recommend bikes would be a cruiser or a mountain bike, due to their spongy tires. During this shoot the MS1 Stabilizer was subjected to over 40 miles of ruff road conditions and constant road vibrations. These conditions produced no noticeable effect on the stabilizer. 

Get the Beholder MS1 BHPP Stabilizer $499.95, Beholder Smartphone Stabilizer $259.95 with Israeli Arm $29 and Smartphone Clamp $9, all for $749.95. A total savings of $48. Great for Sony A7s, GH4, or any camera under 860 grams.



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