Beholder MS1 and DS1 Stock update, and MS1 Music Video

The fog is clearing on availability of MS1 and DS1. There will be enough stock of Beholder MS1 Camera Stabilizer to cover all current customer orders. As to stock of Beholder DS1 Camera Stabilizer, we do not know the final quantity. This means OwlDolly will ship out the DS1 as follows, customers from 2nd shipment, customers from 3rd shipment, and customers from 4th shipment. The stock will leave Hong Kong late next week. As long as the shipment is not held up by customs we expect to start shipping by the 28th. To inquire on which shipment your order is in, please contact us at with your order number. We will continue to update the blog with stock information, thank you.

Discover the best value in camera stabilization with a Beholder DS1 Camera Stabilizer for $699.95 or a Beholder MS1 Camera Stabilizer $499.95. Order now and get an extra set of batteries.

Beholder MS1 Camera Stabilizer with BMPCC at the Natural History Museum. 

The 4th shipment of Beholder DS1 Camera Stabilizer 17/20 units is accepting pre-orders. This 4th shipment is planned to be shipped off in middle November.

Enjoy this colorful showcase of 1215Music for licensing in TV and Film. MS1 with a BMPCC with lens turbo, canon fd 24mm.


1215Music Demo Video Beholder MS1 Camera Stabilizer with BMPCC from OwlDolly on Vimeo.


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