MS1 and DS1 Stock Update, Shipment Schedule, and Beholder DS1 Camera Stabilizer Video

The Beholder MS1 Camera Stabilizer will be in stock by late October. Sorry to report, there isn't any new updates on the Beholder DS1 Camera Stabilizer stock. We hope to have an answer soon as to how many units of the DS1 will be shipped to the warehouse in late October. OwlDolly will continue to receive DS1 stock through November to fulfill all pre-orders and future orders. The first shipment leaves Hong Kong late this week, we expect to start shipping orders by the 28th. We are sorry for the wait and will continue to update the blog. Feel free to contact us about your order, please include your order number.

Check out the redesigned handle on the DS1 featuring a Canon 7D. The USB cable included with the DS1 Kit also functions as a data cable for PID tuning.

Discover the best value in camera stabilization with a Beholder DS1 Camera Stabilizer for $699.95 or a Beholder MS1 Camera Stabilizer $499.95. Order now and get an extra set of batteries.



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