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Steve Burgess from Rugspin Graphix talks about his Stabilizer

I and OwlDolly would like to say, "Thank You, Steve."

Check out Steve's video about his first impressions of the Stabilizer.

If you like model cars, enjoy Steve's rich photo collection. Steve is also a master model car painter.

A long while ago I used to race 1/10, and 1/8th scale Nitro cars. The car bodies I painted could never be compaired to Steve's work. My paint jobs would be best describe as "A Mess." Thankfully my driving skills were pretty bad too so the car bodies ended up being held together by colorful graphic stickers. Hey, if anyone is interested I still have the 1/8th scale Mugen Sting. 

Anyways I and OwlDolly would like to award Steve a credit on his next purchase. 

Keep a look out for my next post about NAB Madness.



Here is a new video from Steve usuing the Stabilizer. (Opening Shot)

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