Introducing Thomas Schumacher

Hello Girls and Boys

I would like to introduce Thomas Schumacher from Berlin. Thomas shoots and directs deep introspective “still life” documentaries. I encourage you to view his vimeo channel His films are inspiring.

Thomas sent me an email a few months back about our Follow Focus and Matte Box II. He wanted to use this equipment with a BlackMagic Camera (BMC). While I answered Thomas’s questions, I suggested he take a look at our Follow Focus Pro. To help him feel more conformable with his purchase, I made him a video describing the differences between the two follow focuses.

As you can see the OwlDolly Follow Focus Pro and the Matte Box II both look pretty badass sitting on the same rails as the BMC! Thank You Thomas for sharing this picture with OwlDolly.

Thomas I look forward to sharing your future projects. Expect a thank you discount on your next purchase.

Btw check out this great article about a mod for the Matte Box II fliter tray.







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