Beholder EC1 PID Profile Update and Firmware 2.06b4

Beholder EC1 PID Profile Update and Firmware 2.06b4

Beholder EC1 Camera Stabilizer, PID Profile Update and Firmware 2.06b4.

Video on the way.


Download Simple bgc from basecamelectronics and follow their installation instructions. Also read the Simple bgc manual, it is well worth the effort.

To connect the EC1 to simple bgc turn on the stabilizer with the camera balanced in the gimbal. Connect to the stabilizer by way of the mini usb port. We are using Mac OS and must launch the program from the .jar file using java.

Select the connection and click connect. Before moving forward save the original profile. Go to File, Save, Save all profiles to a file. Title the file and save. If necessary these profiles can be used to restore the stabilizer.


Go to update. Click on check for updates, Select firmware 2.60b4, upgrade, click skip, wait, the program will disconnect once the firmware has been updated. Re-launch simple bgc.

Once Simple BGC is connected to the EC1. Go to file choose load profiles from a file, select the PID profile supplied from OwlDolly. After the files have loaded, go to board, write all profiles to board. Now all the factory profiles have been loaded.

Disconnect the EC1 and test.

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