How To Setup Moza Air2 Gimbal Stabilizer And A Mini Review From Curtis Judd!

How To Setup Moza Air2 Gimbal Stabilizer And A Mini Review From Curtis Judd!


 Check out Curtis Judd's video about Moza Air 2 gimbal where he goes over how to set it up and how he feels about the new gimbal!


He states, "Single handle motorized gimbals for interchangeable lens hybrid and DSLR cameras have come a long way over the last few years. The original MOZA AIR was really good for the smaller ILM cameras and had a great app for remote control and time-lapse. The newest gimbal from MOZA, the AIR 2, is a nice step forward in a lot of ways. It can handle much heavier payloads, uses separate axis controls rather than “modes”, impressive battery life, a new shorter pan arm which makes it easier to see the screen on your camera and quickly and smoothly go to a low shot. In this episode, we cover how to balance your camera on the MOZA AIR 2 and do a mini review."


Visit his YouTube Channel for more gimbal fun! 

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  Powered by high-torque motors and a brand new FOC algorithm, the MOZA Air2 is capable of handling all DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and small cinema cameras like RED Camera or Blackmagic. With a maximum payload of 9lbs (4.2kg) the MOZA Air2 can handle a large range of camera setups including long lenses, and camera accessories. Four rechargeable 18650 Li-ion batteries give the Air2 a maximum runtime of 16 hours. When the batteries do run low, the batteries are easily accessed from the side of the gimbal’s handle. With a full charge the MOZA Air2 can film from daybreak to sunset.



Smart Time-lapse

The Air2 features a comprehensively upgraded user interface and hardware controlled time-lapse system that can control cameras manufactured from Sony, Canon, and Nikon. Use the MOZA App to create professional motion time-lapses such as a tracking time-lapse, a zoom time-lapse, and 18 other types of motion time-lapse. With MOZA Air2 feel inspired to capture the wonder. 


4-Axis and 8 follow modes

The 4th axis of the MOZA Air2 is the MOZA Follow Focus offering lens focus and zoom control. From the MOZA Air2’s handle simply rotate the smart wheel to make fine or quick adjustments to lens focus or zoom. With 8 follow modes like Inception Mode, FPV, Sport Gear Mode, Panorama and Tracking there is no limit to your creativity.



Sport Gear Mode


Inception Mode


OLED Gimbal Status Display, Fully Customizable Controls

An OLED display provides the user with information about gimbal status, filming mode, follow speed, battery life, and more. The Joystick, smart wheel, and smart trigger can be customized to the users tastes. Up to five different user control profiles can be stored and recalled.


Auto-tuning for Optimal Performance

The AI Auto-tuning algorithm enables the MOZA App to efficiently optimize motor parameters based on the weight of the camera setup. With the MOZA App’s Auto-tuning algorithm there is no need to understand how a PID controller functions. The AI Auto-tuning algorithm ensures there will be no oscillations or vibrations spoiling the shot.


One-step Balancing

The MOZA Air2 quick release system accepts Manfrotto quick release plates and offers one-step balancing by way of a built in hard stop. This hard stop ensures the camera is always aligned to the same spot. Eliminating the frustration of having to hunt for the correct center of gravity. The gimbal’s three arms are clearly marked with a ruler to help speed up balancing and to provide user reference points for the position of each gimbal arm. With one-step balancing and Manfrotto compatibility there is not need to rebalance the gimbal. Lock the camera into the gimbal, and get filming with the MOZA Air2.


Unobstructed View of the Camera Monitor

The MOZA Air2 features a shorted yaw arm that moves the roll motor below the camera. Doing so gives the user a clear line of sight to camera’s monitor. With an unobstructed view of the camera's monitor, framing, checking focus, following the action becomes uninterrupted. 


Quick Access to Camera Functions

The MOZA Air2 handle has 12 physical buttons that provide fast access to camera functions such as recording, zoom, focus, ISO, shutter, aperture, exposure compensation, and WB.


Camera Accessories Expansion Possibilities

The two, ¼ inch accessory mounts located just below the yaw motor and at the bottom of the handgrip offer places to mount camera accessories like an LED light or monopod.


MOZA Ecosystem

MOZA has an entire ecosystem of professional accessories that include the MOZA thumb controller, dual handle gimbal support, and more.



Spacious Backpack

The spacious backpack allows the convenient transport of the gimbal from location to crew van. The backpack can handle the gimbal in any setup configuration and still have room for more equipment.


MOZA Follow Focus 

The following functions become available when the MOZA follow focus is combined with the MOZA Air2:

  • Auto focus shifting

Set the focus shift duration, starting point to ending point. The follow focus system will automatically shift focus according to the set parameters while the user operates the gimbal.

  • Auto zoom

Set the length, zoom duration, starting point to ending point. The follow focus system will automatically zoom while the user operates the gimbal.


Pre-Order MOZA Air 2 today for $599!

Ships in December! 




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