MOZA Air Gimbal Stabilizer offers the most payload for the best price!

MOZA Air Gimbal Stabilizer offers the most payload for the best price!

  MOZA Air Camera Stabilizer takes a quick break inbetween filming shots! 

  MOZA Air is a lightweight (2.4 lbs/1.1kgs) gimbal stabilizer designed for all mirrorless and most DSLR cameras. Compared to other handheld stabilizers, MOZA Air offers the most payload (5.5lbs\2.5 kgs) for the best price!

   MOZA Air offers cinematic freedom that even Zhiyun Crane or Ronin-M can't. With the ability for full 360 barrel shots, MOZA Air lets a user rotate the camera 360 degrees on almost all axes. Users can also create breathtaking motion timelapse videos effortlessly with MOZA Air and the Assistant App. 

  The Air can rotate 360 degrees on yaw, tilt, and roll making it free to capture 360-degree panoramic videos from an immersive wide-angle perspective. The Air's 360 rotation can be controlled via a wireless thumb controller (sold separately) or the app. Users can start or stop the camera recording from the handgrip control as well as adjust the gimbal movement and switch operation mode. 

  A useful feature is that the Air provides camera body and lens specific PID tuning meaning an operator can skip over the difficult learning curve of PID tuning and focus on filming. 

  A ¼’’ mount at the bottom of the handgrip allows the gimbal to be mounted to a tripod, slider, jib, crane or anything else with universal connection of ¼’’ mount.

  The handgrip houses three lithium batteries with 2000mAh capacity, These batteries can run the stabilizer up to 8 hours because of the power savings of encoders! 

  The MOZA Air can be held in a few different ways: upright and underslung. Switch freely between the two handheld modes or shoot from a variety of different angles. Four filming modes are available: yaw-follow, pitch-follow, yaw-pitch follow, and all-lock. No matter how complicated the shooting scenario, the MOZA Air has the right filming mode for the job!



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