OwlDolly Brings Guru 360°, Moza Mini-C and Zhiyun Crane to you!

OwlDolly Brings Guru 360°, Moza Mini-C and Zhiyun Crane to you!

  It's an OwlDolly family portrait! From left to right: Moza Mini-C smartphone stabilizer, the upcoming Guru 360°, and the always reliant Zhiyun Crane! OwlDolly offers stabilzers for whatever project you may start and a variety of budgets!
   Moza Mini-C is a great choice for those who want the ease of making pro looking films from their smartphone! Moza Mini-C Smartphone Stabilizer is available for $219!


  Zhiyun Crane is a lightweight gimbal stabilizer with bluetooth capabilities! Camera shutter and zoom can be accessed from the handle and a user can also wirelessly control the Crane from an app for iOS and Android!  Available for $649, but use code "60off" for a $60 discount at checkout! 


  Guru 360° is the newest addition to OwlDolly, available late February. Guru 360° is designed for 360 cameras like the Samsung Gear 360, the Kodak Pixpro SP360, the Nikon Keymission 360 and more. The battery lasts up to six hours and can be recharged from the handle. The small size of the stabilizer ensures it's viewable profile is not too obtrusive to the talent or the viewer! It will value for $349, but pre-order now for $299!
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