PID Tutorial for First Batch Beholder EC1, Beholder EC1 Stock Update

PID Tutorial for First Batch Beholder EC1, Beholder EC1 Stock Update

The Beholder EC1 wasn't created here, the Beholder EC1 Camera Stabilizer was born in the fiery heart of a volcano with a weight capacity up to 5 pounds of camera. Pictured Beholder EC1 Camera Stabilizer with A7SII and 16-35 F4 lens Zeiss.

Beholder EC1 stock with updated PID settings will be available and shipped out this month. We will be getting a shipment date from the factory in 48 hours. So far the factory is waiting on the final approval of the head engineer. If you have questions about your order please contact us with your order number at, Thank you.

Beholder EC1 PID Crash Course will be available later this week. Waiting on the final PID settings from the factory. Going over how to change PID settings, Calibration, and more.

Discover the best value in camera stabilization with a Beholder EC1 Camera Stabilizer for $900.00, or a Beholder DS1 for $699.95 or a Beholder MS1 for $499.95. 

Watch the Beholder EC1 Camera Stabilizer Setup Video, the 4k Experience. Learn how to setup and balance camera and lens combinations of, A6300 with 16-50mm, A6300 with 16-35mm Zeiss, A6300 with FD lens adapter Canon FD 24mm, A7SII with 16-35mm Zeiss, A7SII with Aputure DEC lens adapter Canon 18-55mm, and Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera with 14-42mm. Learn about the four different camera movement profiles of the Beholder EC1 and more. Enjoy!


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