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The editing station is still down but we do have an iPhone perspective available. In the video you can see OwlDolly founder Devlin capturing the action with the GyroSpeed. The setup is a Canon 7D with a wide angle lens and a reference monitor mounted to the handle. Thank you 818 Bike Polo.  ) -OwlDolly

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It sucks getting up an hour early, so how about some OwlDolly savings. EVF, Mini Stabilizer, and Super Mini Stabilizer. On Sale. .  -Hollywood Studio Rentals, GoPro.  The GyroSpeed Bike Polo video is on hold. The OwlDolly editing station is down due to a power supply failure. What we can say is, the footage immediately pulls you into the action!    -OwlDolly

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Great depth of feel in this Pro Slider video from Ty of TwinTygr Films. Thank you again Ty for sharing.   Also founding member of OwlDolly, Devlin completed 135 mile journey from North Hollywood to Solana Beach in celebration of his 30th. From all of us at OwlDolly, Happy Birthday! -OwlDolly

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