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When we can, OwlDolly likes to experiment. Custom Super 35 Cage with with a twist of Shoulder Rig II.  -OwlDolly

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Last week we did this!    -OwlDolly

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Out demoing the Angel by Case-Pro. The bag has loops to hang a tripod from and plenty of space for all that gear. Location, Rose Garden at Exposition Park. -OwlDolly 

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Daniel Jankovic owner of Ahava Films, offers personalized private event videography. Have a look at Ahava Films spectacular wedding videos. Daniel's custom rig was based off of a Shoulder Rig with the addition of 18 inch rods, shoulder pad, and counter weight.  -OwlDolly  

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The Travel Jib System will be available late April for $499. Pre sale pricing of $479, until April 22 Earth Day.   Jib Arm (Max Load 5 Pounds). Tripod. Track Dolly. 10.5 Feet of Straight Track (4 segments, 31.5 inches).  

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