Tour Isla Mujeres with MOZA Aircross, Mini Mi Smartphone Gimbal, and FiFish Underwater Rover!

Tour Isla Mujeres with MOZA Aircross, Mini Mi Smartphone Gimbal, and FiFish Underwater Rover!

Join us for a gimbal and rover adventure on Isla Mujeres where there are plenty of fish and crystal clear water. These clips were captured with MOZA AirCross, QYSea Fifish P3 Underwater Rover, and Mini Mi Smartphone Stabilizer!   Enjoy!



MOZA AirCross 3-Axis Gimbal is the answer to all of your mirrorless camera needs! With a maximum payload of 4lbs/1.8kg, the MOZA AirCross can support all mirrorless cameras and compact digital cameras. MOZA AirCross amazingly can charge your camera while you shoot for endless battery life! It also features timelapse technology, mimic motion control from the MOZA thumb controller (sold separately,) 4 filming modes, auto-tuning, and MOZA App assistance. The MOZA App can be used to set parameter adjustments, sensor calibration, gimbal control, mode selection, firmware upgrading, and more!   Available for $399!


The FIFISH P3 Underwater Rover from QYSEA is equipped with two, 2000-lumen lights, and a 1" CMOS sensor that captures 4K Video/20MP Photographs. This 1" sensor is similar to sensors found in compact digital cameras like Sony RX100 or RX10.  The FIFISH can capture video from as deep as 328ft. The FIFISH at 19 x 13 inches is a compact vehicle that can easily fit into a carryon suite case. Also the FIFISH's body is rugged enough to handle running into the bottom or bouncing off a wall or boat. Read more and order today!


  MOZA Mini-Mi Smartphone Stabilizer is the world's first self charging smartphone gimbal! By using inductive charging technology and magnetic coils in the phone holder, the Mini-MI lets you charge your Apple or Samsung mobile phone wirelessly. The 5V USB port on the bottom of the handgrip is compatible with all phone chargers and power banks so you can have full control of your power supply and even charge while you film! Available for just $99!
  It also features 8 different follow modes, time-lapse capability, live streaming function, and access to camera settings and adjustments from the handgrip so you don't have to touch the smartphone screen while filming.

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