Vicious Velociraptor Caught On Film With Guru 360 Gimbal Stabilizer and Samsung 360 Gear!

TAKE COVER! A velociraptor is nearby! We risked our lives to get this 360 footage with our Guru 360 Stabilizer and Samsung Gear 360 at Universal Studios. 


Enjoy our first 360 videos with the Guru 360 Stabilizer and the Samsung Gear 360 Camera! Pardon the low light, this is not the best lighting for the Samsung Gear 360. We will be uploading more test footage during the daylight hours from Universal Studios Hollywood. 


Observe an up close 360 experience in Jurassic Park at the Raptor Encounter with the Guru 360 Stabilizer. This stabilizer allows you to effortlessly bring your viewers along for the adventure. The Guru 360 provides much needed stability to 360 cameras.


Unfortunately, many browsers are not updated with the technological advancement that 360 videos bring so you may not be able to enjoy 360 views from your computer screen! However, many smartphones are able to watch these new and innovative sights! If you can not view the video on your computer, try viewing on your mobile device.



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