When Charging No Red or Green LED, Moza Air 2 Batteries

When Charging No Red or Green LED, Moza Air 2 Batteries

The Gimbal Bag is back, it is a backpack designed to comfortably transport your gimbal and camera gear while on the move. Get the GimbalBag for $59.95. When Charging No Red or Green LED. Head on over to our blog to learn more about the best methods for charging and maintaining your gimbal's battery life. Pictured Sony A7SII in a Nitze Camera Cage with the Underslung Mini Handle and Mini Dual Handle.

If you see no red or green LED light when using the included USB charger that came with your gimbal. This means the battery is DEAD, due to poor battery management. If you have a multimeter check the battery's voltage. To ensure you get the most potential out of your battery life use a dedicated charger and your batteries will last a lifetime. Purchase a charger that plugs into a 120/220 outlet. Do not assume a usb power supply designed for a smartphone will consistently charge any battery. USB battery chargers don’t fully and consistently charge batteries. If you still choose to use the included USB charger only charge one battery at a time, this is because USB power supplies are made of low-end components, the circuitry of the USB charger does not evenly charge all batteries at the same voltage rate. Hence dead batteries after a few charge cycles.  

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